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We Are The Best, We Choose The Best and So Should You.

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

We are a proud company. Do you you want to know why?

Well, one of our many achievements over years is our employee retention. Our extensive employee selection  criteria requires multiple interviews to assess employee motivation to work in our company. employee's honesty and dependability, understanding the concept of being in a position among first response team, and being able to contribute on rotation basis to help others are the top of the list of our selection criteria. 

Then of course  employment eligibility is verified at state and federal level. This is done at the same time as a 10 year criminal, and civil background check.

Level of education and knowledge of language and logical skills are tested according to the position to be filled. Once we hire a new employee they benefit from extensive training. From the first few days they do realize that the culture of our company is to thrive to do the best and be the best, and they love it. Because we care for others and for each other.

We all work as members of a team to help our community and all residents and businesses in our neighborhood cities to overcome disasters. We are on call 24/7 to respond. We communicate with insurance companies so that they have a clear understanding of the loss. 

Our company is made out of the best people in the industry and it's all at your advantage when you choose us.

For emergencies please call our 24/7 response line: 310-637-7701  

Minimizing Water Damage To Your Wood Floors

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is the industry leader in damage restoration, but sometimes you have to do things yourself. If for some reason, you cannot contact your local SERVPRO franchise, here are a few things to do if your wooden floors suffer water damage:

1. Remove standing water. This should seem obvious, but many would decide not to touch anything. This will save you time and money in the long run.

2. Dry your floor. Again, this may seem obvious, but steps 1 and 2 are vital to having a chance at recovering your wooden floors. The longer they're wet, the worse it gets.

3. Get some airflow going through the area. If possible, use a fan to speed up the drying process.

If you follow these three simple steps, your wood floors have a much better chance of being restored to their former glory.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us today at 310-929-9293. As always, we're here to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Maintaining a Clean Environment at Your Medical Facility

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO staff cleaning Medical Office Cleanup

When SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson provides cleaning services for medical facilities or any other commercial or residential properties, we ensure the highest level of decontamination through advanced and effective surface cleaning methods.

Our team at SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson are trained and certified through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

Our SERVPRO team is ready around the clock to take on the cleaning procedures needed in order to keep your healthcare facilities safe, sanitary, and healthy for your staff and patients.

Signs Your Office May Have MOLD

  • Poor air quality
  • Staff or customers complaining about musty odors
  • Walls peeling/color deterioration
  • Staff members reporting illness 
  • Building materials or furnishings remained wet for over 48 hours.


Our track record of results has earned us the trust in the insurance industry, along with countless property owners. Your office can benefit from our decades of experience providing nothing but the best! 

Call us today at (310) 637-7701 to schedule with one of our IICRC certified technicians to get the job done right! 

SERVPRO Infection Disease Prevention Preparedness

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

When it comes to peace of mind regarding safety and cleanness of your workplace or home you better call leaders in cleaning and disinfecting. 

In the critical era of pandemic of Covid 19 it is determined that contagion rate of this Coronavirus is high. Scientists estimated that each infected person spread it to 3 other persons. In the other hand 50% of the people who carry the virus are not showing any symptom. These characteristics of the current pandemic does imply that many of healthy people working in hospitals, super markets and janitorial field who considered essential workers at this time may be themselves carriers of the virus.

So anyone may be carrying the virus without knowing it. The problem is that these healthy workforce may transmit the disease to a fragile individual. 

This is where SERVPRO comes in to contain the spread of the disease:

All of our highly trained, IICRC certified technicians on site will use PPE (Preventive Protective Equipment) while they perform either restoration or cleaning work, inside any building or facility. This means they are wearing N-95 masks, gloves at the minimum. 

When they complete a work at a job site, all tools and equipment are disinfected professionally before being stored in our vehicles. You can be assured that no virus or other infectious particle will intrude in your building once you work with SERVPRO professionals.

With these facts in mind when you need cleaning or restoration, any emergency water or fire damage cleanup , or even a preventive or actual biohazard or Covid 19 cleanup consider doing it the right way. 

Call SERVPRO. We are always here to help.


SERVPRO is Proactively Making Workplace Safe, Ready and Inviting for Employees, and Customers

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

We all need peace of mind regarding safety and cleanness, Infectious disease free in stores, hotels, airports, airplanes, movie theaters, gyms and all other commercial facilities. 

During the critical time of Covid19 pandemic as well as  immediately after this period it is crucial that we learn from the disastrous experience.

According to the announcement of CDC ( Center for Disease Control) as well as WHO ( World Health Organization) It is determined that many essential business workers ( healthcare, delivery services, supermarket workers and janitorial personnel) may be carrier of the disease without showing any symptom.

The Current Coronavirus causing the pandemic is said to survive on surfaces and even fabric for many hours, even several days. 

All commercial facilities should consider a professional cleaning and disinfecting service to prevent further spread.

We at SERVPRO have professionally developed protocol to clean, sanitize and also disinfect any commercial building. 

Our protocol categorizes facilities in 3 group:

  •  Category 1 – general cleaning and disinfecting services in the absence of any known or potential contamination.
  • Category 2 – specific cleaning and disinfecting services where a person under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 contamination has come into contact with the location.
  • Category 3 – person with confirmed COVID-19 has had material contact with the location

All of our highly trained, IICRC certified technicians on site will use PPE (Preventive Protective Equipment) while they perform cleaning work, inside any facility. This means they are wearing N-95 masks, gloves at the minimum. 

When they complete a work at a job site, all tools and equipment are disinfected professionally before being stored in our vehicles to assure that no virus or other infectious particle will intrude in your building once you work with SERVPRO professionals.

With the facts in mind it all commercial facilities in our community in Carson and surrounding area are invited  to call for scheduled overnight cleaning if your business is operational during the Shelter in place or lock down period, or to proactively clean and sanitize workplace for not so far away future use.

Call SERVPRO. We are always here to help.


Because We Are Leaders In Cleaning and Sanitizing

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Here We are in a situation you do not want to work with the average.

Pandemic seasons can involve pathogens that the spread is controllable either by Vaccine or by some kind of available effective and proven treatment. 

Some pandemic are self limiting and by change of ambient temperature, by change of season subside. But with the present one, even experts in the field are debating if it will fade away spontaneously.

development of vaccine and treatment is underway but still need time to be usable by general public.

Our shutdown businesses, communities, cities, counties, and states will be hopefully back to a more normal situation slowly. 

Less crowded facilities can be opened gradually once the peak of pandemic is over.

At SERVPRO we are taking the necessary steps to serve our communities to get back to daily normal as smoothly as possible.

We have protocols developed by scientists to clean and sanitize, all areas of your facilities, no matter if it's a school, a senior center, a nursing home or a store or a restaurant, even a simple office with numerous employees.

We think Companies should consider using nothing less than a leader in this field.

We are happy to discuss  with facility managers to discuss a customized action plan development. Give us a call to discuss your needs. Call 310-637-7701.

Peace of Mind During the Covid-19 Pandemic

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Here we go with a pandemic that disrupted our routine.

Who would think our great country would one day close most retail stores, convention centers, arenas, and even consider to transform them to quarantine and treatment centers in some areas?

California is among the states most impacted by the disaster. Even our beaches closed. 

But one thing is sure: We will be back to normal sooner or later and this time around we are going to be more cautious. 

In the meantime, we need to make sure during this temporary time of lockdown we still keep our workplace, our community centers, our schools and our universities, our senior centers, and libraries, and our hotels, restaurants, and stores clean. Clean and mostly sanitized. Because now we learned it the hard way that wherever a crowd gathers infectious disease spreads easier.

For cleaning and sanitizing any building, home or facility we at SERVPRO have protocols developed by scientists according to recommendations of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and inline with IICRC recommendations to help you have the peace of mind. 

When you choose SERVPRO you can be assured that cleaning has been done right.

Call us to discuss your customized cleaning solution with the leaders in the cleaning and sanitizing industry.

Contact us at: 310-637-7701

Shelter in Place, Fire Safety Project

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Why would SERVPRO of Carson/ West Carson post a blog regarding fire damage prevention during the time of world wide disaster of COVID19?

Well, our IICRC certified technician, all of them equipped with  PPE ( Protective Preventing Equipment) are  on the field helping to clean home and businesses around the city of Carson and surrounding area to get rid of water damages, mold, bio-hazard and infectious disease traces inside homes and businesses.

But we at SERVPRO believe in Benjamin Franklin's famous quote: "An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure"

This is the reason we would like to take this "Shelter in Place Opportunity" to remind our community members to get ready before disaster strickes. 

  1. With nice amount of rain this year beautiful bushes and much greenery grew tall. Let's trim them adequately. So when the dry season comes dried vegetation are not around our properties.
  2. Replace batteries of all smoke detectors and alarms inside the building. 
  3. while children are at home they may want to cook, or do crafts using appliances or tools that have fire hazard. check them, make sure they are adequately turning off and educate children to never forget  to turn them off. This requires repetition, sometimes watching educational movies regarding fire hazard are the best way to teach them safety. 
  • Make sure your electrical wiring at home or at your business, as well as the gas lines and appliances, water heater, laundry dryer, cook top and oven are maintained and no leak is detected. Gas company and Edison both have free safety inspection services.

Additionally, Here is a link to FEMA 's Library for fire prevention

SERVPRO wishes all member of our community safety and wellness during this unprecedented time of cautiousness.

Please remember we are always here to help.

Managing and Preventing Water Leaks

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Pipe leaking Water Leaks

Hidden leaks at your residential or commercial property can cost you a fortune and severe damages to your property. If you're not aware of these leaks, your health can be at risk! 

Undetected leaks can lead to other dangers like mold/mildew growth or pest infestation, which lead to health concerns. Be responsible and take the time and effort to do a walk through of your property and pinpoint any signs of leaks.

How To Manage and Prevent Water Leaks...

Do you know where to go to turn off your main water supply at your property??? This is very important to know if you're a property owner.

Some of the effective ways to prevent water leaks include; being up to par with timely plumbing repairs, preventing pipe damage, or sometimes even installing a leak detector for your plumbing system, which will automatically turn off your water supply once it suspects a leak.

One of the most popular ways to detect leaks is simply checking the leak indicator on your meter, or simply watch for changes in the meter readings. If you come across any changes, than more than likely you have a leak.

Call SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson Today!

When you come across water damage or mold/mildew growth due to leaks. Call SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson for an assessment today at 310-637-7701

SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson Operational as Essential Business During Covid 19 Lockdown

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

The Intensity of the Current Pandemic of Covid 19 makes us all wonder how to help limit the spread of infection.

City managers, schools, public gathering facility managers, every business and retail store and restaurants  owners and managers are trying  to protect members of our communities. It is indeed a collective effort.

We at SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson commit to be the best and do the best.

We would like to assure all members of our communities, in Carson, west Carson, and Torrance, that we are continuously staying operational in this critical time to provide professional preventive sanitizing and disinfecting services to all facilities.

We are ready to help sanitize and clean places of public gathering for present and future use, schools, churches, office buildings, transportation facilities and stations, airports, cruise ships, shopping malls, stores, restaurants, professional offices and childcare facilities can rely on our highly trained technicians and equipment to do the job right.

Our headquarters worked hard to develop an the most reliable protocol requiring use of adequate, and state of the art personal protective equipment, sanitizing product and material, as well as modalities to  scope all public areas. 

We at SERVPRO of Carson/ West Carson are considered essential business at this critical times. Operational and working 24/7 as usual. Our IICRC certified technicians are here to help, Sanitize our community churches, schools, and other public places, according to protocols professionally developed by SERVPRO headquarters, respecting all CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines.

Please Call our 24/7 dispatch line 310-637-7701 for any cleaning and sanitation need.