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Attention Carson Residents!

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

If you are ever in need of water extraction services we are available to help 24/7! You will receive an immediate response from our expert cleanup and restoration team.

We understand these situations can be overwhelming, but are prepared to make it "Like it never even happened."

For the quickest recovery, be sure to keep our contact information at the ready. Any delays could result in more property damage.

Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to be of service!

(310) 637-7701

For Immediate Fire & Water Damage Services In The City of Carson, CA. Call SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson

12/24/2019 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO trucks, equipment, and employees. SERVPRO, HERE TO HELP!

Residential Services

Whether your Carson home needs emergency flood damage or fire/smoke/soot damage, our technicians are certified and have extensive cleaning and restoration training. We have helped and worked with countless homeowners in the past. Below are the services that SERVPRO of Carson provides...

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Cleaning Services
  • Building/Reconstruction Services

Commercial Services

There's never a convenient time for fire or water damage to strike your Carson commercial property. Every hour spent cleaning is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. Stay ready and save SERVPRO's 24/7 emergency dispatch#

(310) 637-7701

Commercial Water Damage Services Available 24/7

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO EQ Commercial water extraction

When fire and water damage take control of your life, we help you take it back!

SERVPRO's network of more than 1,700 franchises is ready to respond 24/7 in the event of a fire, water, or mold loss to help you get your lives back on track.

When being a property owner, or property manager, its always important to have a plan of action and vendors you can count on and trust.

At SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson we believe in helping others and take every job serious.

There's no such thing as a small disaster, especially when the water you don't see contains bacteria or can cause rot, mold, and serious damage to your property.

Always call a certified professional rather than doing things on your own just to save money. Usually you end up paying more $$$ on the long run when things are done incorrectly.

SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson can be reached around the clock 365 days out of the year at (310) 637- 7701

Save our 24/7 emergency contact# in your smartphones to be ready for whatever happens, so SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened"

Identifying Fire & Smoke Damage

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage can be a serious situation. Even if you aren't in the immediate area, be sure to inspect any affected areas for smoke residue. If not removed quickly, smoke particles can leave a lasting effect on your property. 

There are multiple options to consider when restoring affected areas. For example, certain cleaning solutions are only applicable with specific surfaces or types of residue.

Be sure to contact your local SERVPRO franchise if you suspect any fire damage. It's best to trust these things with the professionals!

You can be sure we'll make it seem...

Like It Never Even Happened!

Contact us today: 310-939-9293

Mold In Your Home

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Mold is most commonly found in cold, dark areas which is why some of the most unexpected situations occur in the interior living areas. If your living room has a chimney, this adds to the possibility of mold intrusion.

Water can enter very easily through cracks in the roof or chimney. Be sure to keep an eye out for any moisture that seems out of place. A thorough examination can be done by a contractor if you aren't sure.

Now that you're aware of aerial leaks, don't forget about your carpet! If the carpet has ever been wet before, it has a high chance of containing some mold. Be sure to use a dry-cleaning carpet company if you want to wash it, never use a wet shampoo! 

Mold contamination is an awful sight to behold, luckily we know how to deal with it.


Call The Cleanup Team When Water Damage Occurs

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Heroes

SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson has the resources to recover your property when the unexpected occurs. 

There's no such thing as a small disaster... especially when the water you don't see contains bacteria or can cause mold, rot, and other unseen damages.

Water damage can affect the value of your property, it's always best to call out the professionals to take a better look at the situation.

When you call SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson for assistance, you'll be getting a trained equipped professional to manage the drying process from start to finish. You can even download SERVPRO'S "Here To Help" App.

The Here To Help Connection provides the customer, the agent, and adjuster a real time look at the progress of their loss. By using this application they can view information pertaining to their loss, such as job progression gauges, franchise information, claim information, loss details, pictures, and frequently asked questions.

Tropical Disturbance In Caribbean

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

This past weekend, heavy downpours erupted over Puerto Rico and continue to move toward Florida. It may go on to become another tropical storm if the current trajectory continues. You may be asking why does it matter if it's near Florida. 

Well, these weather patterns are unique to the east coast and don't commonly happen on the west coast. However, it's not impossible! And when the time comes, you'll want to be ready.

If a tropical storm hit California next week, albeit unlikely, the amount of unprepared people would be simply outrageous. It only takes a couple hours to gather some essential belonging to make sure you can survive a few days after catastrophe.

In the unlikely event of a California storm, you know who to call! We're here 24/7.

(310) 939-9293

Hurricane Barry

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Earlier in July, tropical storm Barry began ravaging the Gulf Coast near Louisiana and Mississippi. Tons of water and debris was tossed along the landscape. This may not have been the most deadly natural disaster, but many people were surely not prepared for the flooding. 

Even if you are not in a danger zone for hurricanes, it doesn't hurt to be ready for water damage in general. Create a free emergency profile with us today! Secure the safety of your building and maintain peace of mind. 

All the details are right here:

Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. Don't let yourself fall victim to being unprepared!

Call us today or visit our website.


Long Term Partnership With Blackstone

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Back in late March, SERVPRO and Blackstone announced a huge recapitalization deal. Blackstone acquired a major stake in SERVPRO, but the Isaacson family will remain significant shareholders going forward. 

Peter Wallace, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone, said, “We are excited to make this investment and join together with the Isaacsons and the SERVPRO team as long-term growth partners. We believe the additional capital and extensive network of relationships that Blackstone can bring to bear will benefit not only SERVPRO, but its more than 1,700 franchisees and its customers.”

This recent partnership holds exciting possibilities for the future. We can't wait to see how Blackstone and SERVPRO can work together to excel in their respective industries. 

All the information can be found at the website listed below!

Summer Storm Essentials

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Summer storms are just around the corner and the best way to prepare is to develop a communication plan and build an emergency supply kit. Knowing how to react and having valuable items at hand is extremely important in case of emergency.

Here are some recommended items for a basic emergency supply kit:

  • Water (one gallon per person per day)
  • Food (non-perishable 3-day supply)
  • Manual can opener
  • Battery operated radio, preferably a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Clothing
  • Dust masks or bandanas
  • Plastic sheeting, garbage bags, and duct tape
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Hygiene items
  • Important documents: copies of insurance policies, identification and bank info
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Matches in waterproof container
  • Cash

This is not a complete list, but it will give you a solid foundation for a basic emergency supply kit. You'll be glad you put together all these items!