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One Box At A Time

Not only does SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson provide water, fire, or mold remediation but we also pack up items either it be fragile or bulk etc. place in an unaffected area to begin the remediation process.  Available 24/7.

Water Damage in Carson, Ca

SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson is locally owned and operated. We are always prepared for any type of emergency, like this local commercial building that needed drying from a recent storm.  We are able to respond quickly. Once SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson was dispatched, immediately this limits further damage and reduces the restoration cost.

When it Rains it Pours

Business interruptions can turn into going out of business if you're not prepared. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!

Always have a plan of action for the unexpected!

Company in Carson Suffers From Flood

When disaster strikes and it puts your business on hold, the wise thing to do is call the PROS at SERVPRO of Carson/ West Carson. We are available around the clock 365 days out of the year.

Commercial Flood Services Available 24 hours

Its Monday morning and you have a stack of paper work that's due at the end of the week.

You got no time for business interruptions, you get a call from your receptionist that lots of water is coming out of the toilets and into the main lobby. What do you do?

You call the PROS at SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson, that's what you do!

Our team in the green trucks are out on the streets ready for the unexpected, ready for a rapid response to help in any type of situation dealing with water/fire/mold damage.

SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson is here for you when disaster strikes!

When Disaster Strikes: Call The Green Trucks

When fire or water damage puts the things that matter most on the line, you need the very best help on the line as well.

That's why knowing the easiest way to contact SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson  is so important, we can be reached around the clock 365 days a year!

(310) 637-7701

Emergency Flood Services

We all deal with bad luck at times and its just part of life. We at SERVPRO of Carson/West Carson are ready to assist your home or commercial facility around the clock 365 days a year. 

You can call us at (310) 637-7701 when ever you come across the unexpected.

Fire Damage in a store

This a Fire damage by explotion in a store . We Cleaned up and removed all damaged building material. Owners would not believe how fast they were able to get back to business.