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Solar Storm Hitting Earth!!

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Beautiful auroras consequences of a solar storm.

Browsing the internet this morning I got caught by this news of imminent possibility of a "Solar Storm"

Since at SERVPRO  our main concern is to be ready 24/7 to respond to Storm, I wanted to know more about this phenomena, and found out  about the consequences to our beautiful plant.

Here is the definition of Solar Storm  : A solar storm happens when major eruptions called solar flares or coronal mass ejections  happen in the solar atmosphere. If these events take place on the part of the sun facing Earth, they can send electromagnetic radiation and charged particle radiation hurtling our way.

The consequences can be quit different from one Solar Storm to another.

the most harmless effect is beautiful displays of the auroras along the northern or southern latitudes. Auroras are natural light display in the Earth's sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions.

But if the solar storm is strong, and the electromagnetic radiations are then it can affect functions of satellite system, GPS systems, and power plants. in 1989 a Solar Storm caused a 9 hour power outage in Quebec. Scientists claim that in   some cases electric power plants can even explode, and we will have to deal with months and months of power outage, and expensive repairs.

Well now I'm thinking about a solution to help prevent extensive damage, and I think I have some ideas:

Lets not rely on our smartphones if we want driving directions and look them up, memorize and write down directions, let's make sure we have our battery operating lights handy, and lets stay away from electrical power plants as much ass we can. Have our emergency kit ready and handy, and let's hope we will get the beautiful part of this mysterious storm with blue and green lights in the sky. 

Wishing for sky storms of wellness, happiness, peace and prosperity for all.

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